Emmett In and Out {Utah Maternity Photography}

I can't believe it has been 3 months since our little Emmett was born!  Here are some wonderful pictures my Amazing BFF Amber took for me.  She handled my camera like a pro and I edited them.  I LOVE these pictures SO much Amber! Thank you for taking them for me!!!  I think the In and Out pictures are so fun to look at.  It's amazing how that little chunky rolled baby was in my body. Emmett was 2 weeks old in these pictures.  I am in love with this little guy if you can't tell.  These pictures are totally worth all the work and the MESS that is involved with naked newborns! :) The last pic posted is a little "behind the scenes" of what can happen during a NB shoot. (and yes, his poop is the color of my walls, ha ha)