Newborn Twins K&K!!! {Utah Newborn Photography}

It's double the giggles, and double the grins, and double the trouble if your blessed with twins!
-Author Unknown      
I thought that poem was so cute. I think they could have also added in "It's double the pictures" :) :)

These precious little ones were 3 weeks old. It was so much fun and also a lot of work! You definitely need patients to get pictures like these.  By the time I got the second baby positioned, the first would move, LOL. We were laughing so much during this shoot watching the little ones wiggle around together. This brother and sister duo where so different from each other. Little K. looks just like her Mama with dark hair and Little K. looks just like his Daddy with blond hair.
What cute little 'Peas in a Pod'!

All these fun hats are made by my amazingly talented friend Amber. With Strawberry Owl Designs. Her blog is 
Check out the fun things she makes. I truly don't think there is anything she can't make!